FRPO Members:

As you know, any building which was built after November 1, 1991 (or not occupied for residential purposes before that time) is exempt from the rent control provisions of the RTA.

Many prospective tenants are not aware that some rental units in the province are not covered by rent controls. For this reason, FRPO recommends that those with post-1991 buildings notify prospective tenants that the unit is exempt from rent controls.

To help facilitate this, FRPO has developed a form for members at no cost. Please feel free to use this form for new applicants. Alternatively, you can also adapt the wording to make up a new clause in your lease, with an initial or check-off box for the tenant, if you find that administratively more convenient.

Many FRPO members value the post-1991 exemption. It has been responsible for the creation of thousands of rental units in the province. FRPO would like to ensure that this benefit remains secure and reliable for investors in Ontario. As you may recall, Ontario previously had a post-1975 exemption, which was taken away by the Peterson government in 1985 as one of its first acts.

Tenant advocates in Ontario have now made the elimination of the post-91 exemption a top priority. As time passes, and as an increasing portion of Ontario’s rental stock becomes exempt, tenant advocates can be expected to ramp up the political pressure on this issue.

FRPO currently defends the policy on the important basis that it provides an incentive for new rental development, and has been successful in creating new rental housing and jobs. However, FRPO has found that one challenge in defending the policy is the fact that many tenants are unaware of the exemption. Their surprise at a rent increase above the guideline quickly turns into rage and calls for action from politicians. This problem can be eliminated if incoming tenants get notified. FRPO encourages all members with post-1991 buildings to meaningfully notify incoming tenants of the exemption.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require further clarification on the above. Thank you. Vince.

Vincent Brescia,
President & CEO

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