Order Rental Forms

All residential properties leases signed after April 30, 2018 must, by law, use the standardized Ontario lease.  Through the London Property Management Association (LPMA), WRAMA is able to offer a rental form package containing a number of forms including:

  • Ontario lease and lease addendum
  • Rental Application
  • Assignment
  • Guarantee
  • Sublet

Users can generate as many of each of the forms listed above as they like.

All of the forms are electronic and are only available to WRAMA members.


Why do I need the lease addendum when the government lease is standard for all?

The Ontario lease sets out the basics for the lease but the addendum that becomes part of the lease contains terms that clarify items not identified in the standard lease.  These terms and conditions were created by lawyers familiar with your business.


I have more questions, who is available to answer them?

A series of commonly asked questions and answers regarding the forms has been created.  Press the link below to download the file.

WRAMA New Forms Questions and Answers


Rental package costs

              Small Landlords (1-10 Units)

  • Printable       $149
  • Electronic      $199
  • Both              $299


             Large Landlords (11+ Units)

  • Printable       $249
  • Electronic      $299
  • Both              $399


How do I order the forms?

In order to order a rental forms package, please follow the steps below.

1. Download, review, sign, scan and return the Rental Package Forms Purchase Agreement. Click on the link below.  The form indicates to where the form should be emailed.

WRAMA Forms – Purchase Agreement

2.  While your WRAMA membership and your status as a “small” or “large” landlord is being verified, please pay for your order using the hyperlink below.

WRAMA Make a Payment

3.  Once your status and payment is confirmed, you will be sent an email with an attachment containing the forms.