Purchase Rental Forms


WRAMA has purchased a license agreement to use the forms produced by the London Property Management Association and therefore these forms cannot legally be copied or reproduced. Your purchase of these forms helps to defray the thousands of dollars we paid for the right to have our members use the most up to date lease and application available in Ontario. Please do not give them to your other landlord friends; ask them to join and support the WRAMA.

You MUST be a member of WRAMA to use our forms and you MUST abide by the WRAMA “Terms of Use”

  • Package A - $5
    A package for the small landlord

    Package B - $10
    A package for the larger landlord

    Package C - $9
    A COMBO package for the small landlord

    Package D - $99
    Files by email or on CD for UNLIMITED copies

  •   I would like this package (A, B or C) shipped to the above address ($4 handing fee)
      I will arrange to pick up this package in Kitchener by calling 519-748-0703
      $99 forms package - electronic delivery only
  •   I will make an online payment by PayPal
      I will pay cash or cheque when I pick up the forms
      Please invoice me. I will send payment by mail.

  •   I confirm that I am a current WRAMA member, and I have read, understand and agree to the Terms of Use