September 24th      Cambridge

8:00am – 12:15pm

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FRPO knows the challenges that landlords face in trying to run their business. In addition to staying competitive and providing quality housing to your tenants, landlords and property managers must deal with a complicated framework which governs residential tenancies. Since last year, the government changed the rent control provisions in the RTA, while the LTB amended several rules and guidelines. FRPO’s legal experts will bring you up to date so that you can save time and money dealing with tenancy disputes today.


Topics include:

·      Best practices for screening and reviewing tenant applications

·         When tenants refuse entry/properly serving notice of entry
·         Properly handling extra charges for air conditioners, parking & other services
·         Review of all notice periods and time limits on eviction notices and applications
·         How to speed up your rent dispute application
·         What you can and can’t do about smoking and pets
·         The right way to proceed with cases of damage, disturbance and illegal activity
·         What does “Reasonable Enjoyment” mean?
·         Review of Board and Court decisions from 2012 including landlord wins, tenant wins and the lessons learned from these cases



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